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Sustainability reporting is a great way for consumers to have a better understanding a company’s of the environmental, economic and social impact. When done right, which generally means that it is certified by a regulatory organization, this is an important tool that many companies can use to showcase their efforts to participate in global change.

Elephants in the Glass House: Contextualizing Sustainability and Integrated Reporting | Sustainable Brands.

This is beautiful sight for green technologies! In 2012, Apple upgraded their facilities so that the data centers are now running on 100% solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal. They also updated their corporate facilities so that they are now powered by 75% renewable energy (previously 35% a year ago).

Apple Says Data Centers Now Use 100% Renewable Energy – Bloomberg.

What a neat way for Starbucks to promote their goal of increasing contribution to going green. The goal is to increase the amount of consumers that they serve with reusable cups by 5% through offering an affordable alternative to disposable cups. What a awesome attainable way to decrease our individual global footprints!

Starbucks Hopes $1 Reusable Tumbler Will Cut Cup Waste –

What a refreshing approach to everyday cleaning products! Mrs. Meyers has developed a line of household cleaning products that are composed of 97% naturally occurring materials that offer a high level of safety from harsh chemicals. Not only does Mrs. Meyers offer “straightforward, honest cleaners that smell good and work like the dickens on dirt” but they also operate their facilities in a environmentally conscious manner. All of this goodness and they are still able to keep their prices competitive with the better known household products that don’t follow sustainable practices at this level. Check out their products for your household needs, my personal favorite is the lavender scent but it’s so fun to try out all of the different options available!