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Freedom from Paper

October 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

Inspired by the Earth 911 email sent today, I have progressed further down the path of paper freedom! This is very exciting because our household tends to get overwhelmed with unnecessary paper mailing that just pile up and become one more item on the cleaning to do list. There were six different ways to reduce paper mailing but three in particular that I found to be useful and not as common as the others.

The first had to do with being removed from the phonebook delivery list. The process was very simple and all-encompassing as it gave the option to be removed from all paper phonebooks that your address is eligible to receive. Simply go to the National Yellow Pages site to select the directories you would like to receive or opt-out of all possible options like I did. To be honest, I’m surprised that these paper directories are hanging on with the ever-so-handy internet at our fingertips.

The next, and my favorite junk mail reducer, was to opt-out of the Consumer Credit Reporting offers. This site has the options to be removed from the preapproved offers for either five years or indefinitely. Guess which one I chose! As an added bonus, I was able to remove my husband from their list as well to double our impact.

Finally, I removed both me and my husband from the direct mail list for catalogs and other mail offers through the online tool provided by the Direct Marketing Association. Their home page provides the opportunity to be removed from direct paper mail as well as email offers. This site was a little more complex but seems to have a substantial amount of potential for reducing paper mailings.

Prior to this concise guide from Earth 911, I found these request to be quite complicated. So thanks for mailing the process clear and easy to understand. I’d love to hear if anyone else knows of other ways to reduce the clutter!