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Sustainability reporting is a great way for consumers to have a better understanding a company’s of the environmental, economic and social impact. When done right, which generally means that it is certified by a regulatory organization, this is an important tool that many companies can use to showcase their efforts to participate in global change.

Elephants in the Glass House: Contextualizing Sustainability and Integrated Reporting | Sustainable Brands.

The Natural Resources Defense Council published a good article summarizing the USDA announcement to reduce, recover and recycle wasted food in the US. Check out this article for more exciting information on what changes the USDA plans to make to reach their food waste reduction goals.

US Joins World to Take on Challenge of Food Waste | Dana Gunders’s Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC.

This is beautiful sight for green technologies! In 2012, Apple upgraded their facilities so that the data centers are now running on 100% solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal. They also updated their corporate facilities so that they are now powered by 75% renewable energy (previously 35% a year ago).

Apple Says Data Centers Now Use 100% Renewable Energy – Bloomberg.

Nowadays, it’s hard to image an office that doesn’t already have an established recycling program but there may be room for improvement. My current establishment offers very little in the way of resources for recycling but this guide may be the path to inspire change. I’m looking forward to using the guide to get the necessary buy-in from the management team to implement an all inclusive office recycling program. There is a really great opportunity here to make a difference at the corporate level. Check it out! I’d love to hear success stories or tips on how to get our colleagues on board.

How to Start an Office Recycling Program –

This is a very creative and surprising list of recyclable items. Check it out for some great ideas!

20 Recyclable Objects That Might Surprise You | Mental Floss.


As a former Union-Tribune subscriber, I have been following the decline in integrity of San Diego’s largest newspaper which began when Douglas Manchester took over at the beginning of 2012. The right-wing bias quickly became evident during the heated 2012 Presidential election and continues to worsen with Manchester’s political agenda post-election. The latest disservice of the Union Tribune is being displayed by the UT-TV personalities which I will address in another post. Are news sources becoming divided like this everywhere or are your cities still reporting the facts without a political agenda? I’d be interested to hear what you all are experiencing in other cities.

How A Major GOP Donor Turned A Respected Paper Into A Corporate Shill


Over the weekend, we went to one of the large hardware stores to explore the idea of buying our very first real Christmas Tree. I was met with an overwhelming feeling of sadness and moved to the verge of tears by the sight of the number of trees that were cut off at the stump and piled up along the walls. What was even more upsetting to me was the line of families wrapped around the lot with their tree choice in tow who were seemingly unaffected by the surroundings. Thankfully, my husband agreed to leave with me immediately. For me, the fake tree we’ve used for years stirs the very same amount of Christmas spirit as having a real one (perhaps even more since the fake one satisfies my desire to live sustainably). But since marriage is built on compromise, I have agreed to explore the idea of sustainable real tree options. This is what I’ve found:

Of course, deforestation is no longer an issue because most trees are grown on farms but they must still be shipped, are often treated with pesticides and ultimately take up landfill space. Trees that are treated with pesticides will expose your home to chemicals that can linger and create potential hazards to the health of your family. Not to worry there are alternatives to finding a “Green” Christmas Tree, you can choose a tree that is locally and organically grown without pesticides through the Tree Locating Tool at the National Christmas Tree Association, Or better yet, buy a living tree that can be replanted in your yard or donated to a local charity!

Tree disposal is a biggie so have a plan in place for recycling your tree after the Holidays are done. There are many creative alternatives to sending your tree to the landfill such as converting it to mulch, disposing in your yard waste container if available, donating it to a goat farm where they will feast on the needles, sinking it in a private lake or pond for fish food, checking with your city for curb-side pick-up, or making a small donation to the Boy Scouts who will offer their pick-up services.

Make the environmentally responsible choice this Holiday Season to reduce your global footprint by choosing organic or living trees and finding a recycling option that works best for your local community.

In addition to mounting monetary penalties, the EPA temporarily suspended BP from new U.S. Contracts until they are able to meet business standard set by the U.S. government.