Ok, today I really am going to post something pro-GMO, an interview between biologist and blogger Kevin Folta and blogger J. Fourat.  It may aggravate some of you out there as it aggravated me when I read it, but I don’t want to be one of those ignoramuses that Folta loves to call out.  I also know that an extreme approach to anything is a bad idea.

Let me post one excerpt that gets right to the point:

Fourat (Me) – What is the main thing (or is it general) about GMO’s that the public routinely confuse, or get wrong, when discussing and debating their impact?

Kevin Folta –  There are so many misconceptions. The first is a fundamental one, that being that there is a debate at all.  There is no debate among scientists in the discipline of plant molecular biology and crop science. Sure you…

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