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This is beautiful sight for green technologies! In 2012, Apple upgraded their facilities so that the data centers are now running on 100% solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal. They also updated their corporate facilities so that they are now powered by 75% renewable energy (previously 35% a year ago).

Apple Says Data Centers Now Use 100% Renewable Energy – Bloomberg.

The new H&M Conscious Collection makes Sustainability cool. The eco-friendly Spring Line that was represented by A-Lister Helen Hunt at the Oscars is available in stores around the world on April 4th. The Line is exclusively made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled polyamide (plastics) and Tencel. What’s more, they are providing an outlet for consumers to drop off used clothing that will be re-purposed for second-hand wear, reused in other products or recycled into new textile. Hopefully, this is the wave of the future for major retail chains.

Sustainability Becomes Stylish in H&M’s New “Conscious Collection” | Corporate Social Responsibility.



Ok, today I really am going to post something pro-GMO, an interview between biologist and blogger Kevin Folta and blogger J. Fourat.  It may aggravate some of you out there as it aggravated me when I read it, but I don’t want to be one of those ignoramuses that Folta loves to call out.  I also know that an extreme approach to anything is a bad idea.

Let me post one excerpt that gets right to the point:

Fourat (Me) – What is the main thing (or is it general) about GMO’s that the public routinely confuse, or get wrong, when discussing and debating their impact?

Kevin Folta –  There are so many misconceptions. The first is a fundamental one, that being that there is a debate at all.  There is no debate among scientists in the discipline of plant molecular biology and crop science. Sure you…

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It’s quite frightening to know that major food companies keep GMOs out of products in other countries but load up on GMOs in the US.


I posted on this topic a few months ago but I think it bares a revisit (see Europe gets GMO free, why not US?).

Did y’all know that major food companies keep GMOs out of products in other countries but pack them in for us naive Americans here in the US?  I wish it weren’t true but the fact is, it is true.

Right now our only defense is to turn the carton/package/tub over, READ every ingredient and vote with our pocketbook.  If there are GMOs or other things in there that bug you, DON’T buy the product.  (for help knowing what to look for, read Spotting the GMO ingredients.)

From Organic Consumers AssociationLarge multinational junk-food companies like McDonald’s, Pringles, Pizza Hut, Betty Crocker, and more have formulated versions of their products without GMOs and dangerous chemicals for the rest of the world, while they continue…

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Should companies be allowed to patent living organisms like seeds and use those patents to monopolize food production globally?

A small farmer from Indiana named Vernon High Bowman is taking on the biotech giant Monsanto in a seed patent infringement case. Monsanto sells to farmers under a contract that requires the farmers to purchase new genetically engineered seeds each year. This means that they are prohibited from saving and replanting the next-generation seeds.

Monsanto’s Patents on Life.

The government will reduce carbon emissions and energy use per unit of gross domestic product by at least 3.7 percent in 2013 and carry out carbon-trading trials, the National Development and Reform Commission said in a report today.

China Boosts Energy and Emissions Goals After Record Smog – Bloomberg.

Great news! The FDA has started paying attention to the food labels and has warned 17 major companies to make the necessary changes within 16 days. Go to the link below for the full story and to see specific products that were mislabeled with claims that the product will treat disease, is healthy or free from unhealthy fats.