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While most people would probably consider the United States the most wasteful of all the developed nations, you might be surprised to learn that Canada throws away more trash than the U.S.  “Canada generates more municipal waste per capita annually than any of its peer countries. Canada earns a “D” grade and ranks in last place. In 2008, Canada generated 777 kg per capita of municipal waste—well above the 17-country average of 578 kg per capita and twice as much as Japan, the top-performing country”, explains the Conference Board of Canada in their recent report.


Waste management is extremely important, and Canadians (well, all nations) shouldn’t take these statistics lightly.  Several environmental problems are related to municipal waste, such as habitat destruction, water pollution, and air and soil contamination.  Landfills emit methane and other gases that greatly contribute to global warming, not to mention the space that landfills take…

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