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Great explanation of the coal industry’s exporting plans.

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About This Video: There’s a new front line in the battle to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat (aka Maeby) explains the truth about the coal industry’s plans to export American coal.

Multi-billion dollar coal companies like Arch, Ambre, and Peabody want to ship the coal buried under the United States to Asia, releasing disastrous amounts of carbon pollution, just to line their own pockets. This expansion in US coal exports could release more carbon pollution than any other new fossil fuel project in the United States.

Coal exports out of the Pacific Northwest could pose a bigger climate threat than the Keystone XL pipeline. Coal companies are scheming to export over 150 million tons of coal through the region. If we’re serious about halting the worst impacts of climate change, we must do something to stop Arch, Ambre, and Peabody’s plans, and keep this coal in…

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While most people would probably consider the United States the most wasteful of all the developed nations, you might be surprised to learn that Canada throws away more trash than the U.S.  “Canada generates more municipal waste per capita annually than any of its peer countries. Canada earns a “D” grade and ranks in last place. In 2008, Canada generated 777 kg per capita of municipal waste—well above the 17-country average of 578 kg per capita and twice as much as Japan, the top-performing country”, explains the Conference Board of Canada in their recent report.


Waste management is extremely important, and Canadians (well, all nations) shouldn’t take these statistics lightly.  Several environmental problems are related to municipal waste, such as habitat destruction, water pollution, and air and soil contamination.  Landfills emit methane and other gases that greatly contribute to global warming, not to mention the space that landfills take…

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The Oxford study reinforces previous research that has concluded a healthy diet can reduce heart disease by lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and the risk of diabetes. This is fantastic encouragement to stay strong and stick to a prominently vegetarian diet!


The response to this spill from a Coast Guard representative was “It happens from time to time — the Mississippi River will have vessels that will run aground, have collisions…” Really? Apparently oil spills have become so common that they are a commonly accepted component of doing business for the oil industry. This attitude of acceptance must change.


This is scary! The European Food Safety Authority identified the Cauliflower Mosaic Viral Gene in the most common genetic sequence in commercial GMO crops. This is cause from both agronomic and human health concern because many viral genes function to disable their host with intention to facilitate pathogen invasion. Given this discovery, let’s get regulation passed to label GMO products!

Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops.

Cap-and-trade programs are designed to lower emissions gradually by reducing the cap and the allowances that are available. Polluters get flexibility in cutting emissions by being able to trade allowances among themselves. The idea is to achieve the reductions at the lowest cost through market forces rather than through direct regulation.

Northeast Faces Stark Choice on Climate Pollution –

Northeast Faces Stark Choice on Climate Pollution -

“…the shift from foraging to farming is almost complete.”

Milestone Looms for Farm-Raised Fish –

Environmental groups released a study yesterday that found refining CAnada’s oil sands into gasoline will create 5 billion tons of petroleum coke, or petcoke. Compared with coal, petcoke is cheaper and releases more carbon dioxide when burned.

Tell President Obama to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline by signing the petition on this link:

Read the whole story here:

Keystone’s Tar Sands Waste Said to Warm Climate More Than Coal – Bloomberg.

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Up to half –yes, half—of all food in the world is wasted.   Between 30-50% of all food produced around the world never ends up in a human stomach.  Wasting food occurs at exaggerated levels in developed countries, due mainly to modern consumer culture.  Supermarkets often reject entire crops of perfectly edible food because they don’t meet the marketing standards of picky Western consumers.  “Globally, retailers generate 1.6 million tonnes of food waste annually in this way”, reports UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers.


If food does make it to the supermarkets,  the profit-seeking stores often offer promotions, sales, and ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ kinds of incentives that encourage overbuying.  It’s often cheaper to consume in bulk than in volumes of food that can actually be consumed each week.  30-50% of what is bought by consumers in developed countries is thrown away, simply due to the fact that they bought in excess.


On top…

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The bank is part of the U.K.’s efforts to stimulate the renewable energy projects and carbon reductions required to meet its binding targets of deriving 15 percent of all energy from renewables by 2020 and cutting emissions by 34 percent in 2020 from 1990 levels.