Upcycling – Wrapping Paper – Guilt free gift giving

December 13, 2012 — 2 Comments

How do you cope with the guilt from all those crumpled wrappings scattered around the floor that were once nicely dressed packages? Choose to use DIY handmade gift wrap, that’s how! There are so many great environmental, economical and personal reasons to embrace upcycling. If you’re like me, space is a common issue in our house so we try not to keep extra clutter (like gift wrap) around. Upcycling is great solution that allows us to recycle items we already have around the house for use as gift wrap all the while we’re saving money and the environment through consuming less.

There are tons of creative ideas for making your own gift wrap and gift tags. Giving new life to used paper bags from any grocery or retail store is my personal favorite. The basics of converting used bags into wrapping paper is to remove the handles and cut at the seams. Once that has been done, you can easily wrap your treasure and decorate with an unlimited amount of items such as ribbon, stamps, markers, twine, doilies, stickers, lace, or glitter.

Alternatively, wrapping paper can be made out of old magazine pages or maps that are no longer being used. Simply secure the pages together by taping the back side to form a sheet that is large enough for your gift. The idea is the same here in that you can use any of the decorative material mentioned for the paper bags to dress the package up the with the finishing touches.

Finally, if none of these other methods work for your gift then print paper according to your specific needs with the templates at this site (http://www.minieco.co.uk/cross-stitch-wrap-printable/). This will at least eliminate all of that extra wrapping paper in the closet that either gets ruined from storage or thrown out with the spring cleaning.

Here are a couple of my favorite DIY tutorial sites:
1.  http://www.makoodle.com/gift-wrapping-ideas/
2.  http://www.sugarbeecrafts.com/2012/12/diy-wrapping-paper-tutorial-thinking.html

Happy gifting!


2 responses to Upcycling – Wrapping Paper – Guilt free gift giving


    Thanks for linking to my post…(I’m actually going to re-post it on my blog tomorrow morning in a much more readable format, so feel free to change the hyperlink once that’s live if you like). And I appreciate the follow! Your site is really great…you’ve got me thinking about how we can give our tree a second life after the holidays…possibly at the bottom of our lake!


      Thanks for allowing me to share your post! I think the format looks great already but will stay tuned to see what you come up with next. And I’m excited to hear that your tree may end up sleeping with the fishes after the holidays!

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