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Beware that you are not giving your furry companions toys with harmful plastics this holiday season. BPA has not been banned from use in pet toys as it has from children toys, maybe we should look in the kid’s aisle to find toys for our furry friends from now on. Or just stick to old-fashioned ropes and bones. Keep the little buddies safe!

Toxic toys may be poisoning our best friends | Grist.

My Interview with Bill McKibben: The Math We Do as Thinking Beings to Make our Planet Feel Better.

There’s still hope for the movement of labeling genetically modified (GMO) food. One major action that we can all take is to support food products that are produced with GMOs. Just treat every dollar you spend as a vote for (or against) the organic food movement.

Potential legislation to reduce antibiotic use in healthy animals by limiting it to use in animals with an actual need.

New push to reduce antibiotic use in farm animals –

What a refreshing approach to everyday cleaning products! Mrs. Meyers has developed a line of household cleaning products that are composed of 97% naturally occurring materials that offer a high level of safety from harsh chemicals. Not only does Mrs. Meyers offer “straightforward, honest cleaners that smell good and work like the dickens on dirt” but they also operate their facilities in a environmentally conscious manner. All of this goodness and they are still able to keep their prices competitive with the better known household products that don’t follow sustainable practices at this level. Check out their products for your household needs, my personal favorite is the lavender scent but it’s so fun to try out all of the different options available!

In addition to mounting monetary penalties, the EPA temporarily suspended BP from new U.S. Contracts until they are able to meet business standard set by the U.S. government.

There is a demand from buyers for environmentally responsible products but they are being outsold by less sustainable alternatives. This article outlines three ways for sustainable brands to be more competitive.

Black Friday: bridging the gap between what consumers say and do | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional.

Well said Mr. Krugman, the U.S. cannot continue to stifle scientific progress because we are concerned about offending the religious community. Climate change is a proven issue that we can no longer afford to avoid teaching to our youth or ignoring for political purposes. It’s time for our country, our politicians, our educators to take action and begin working collectively on solutions. Perhaps, we could even get the religious community to join our efforts…

Current national pledges to reduce greenhouse gases won’t do much to change the current trajectory of temperatures, which are set to rise by about double the United Nations target of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100, the scientific study e-mailed by the World Bank shows today.

Nice summary of the environmental efforts made by the Obama Administration.